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Extracts of Feedback from Course Participants

'Claire's ten day workshop was pure joy, and re-kindled my latent passion for writing. Her reassuring but professional guidance was exactly the support I needed to re-galvanise my interest , and has had a lasting and positive impact. I can't wait to go back.'

Rosalind Hoyes, Northants.

Review in The Times Newspaper

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'Claire respected the thirty thousand words I had already written and verbalised what I already knew about the parts that needed to be cut. Claire advised me about the synopsis and covering letter to an editor and helped me to edit both. Her attitude to my writing and every one else's on the course, was happy, open, supportive and constructive. Claire gave sound advice based on her own experience as a reader and published writer. I really enjoyed getting to know her and was mesmorised by her beautiful smile.'

Julia Wilkinson, Dulwich

A selection of Book Reviews from Readers:

Revenge is Sweet

'Revenge is Sweet is a brilliant book - I could not stop reading it and it's so easy to dip in and out. I loved the stories and found them very amusing. I think Claire Gillman has pulled together a brilliant collection of stories and the psychology and history behind revenge is fascinating. Well worth a read and perfect for the Christmas stocking, or to put in the smallest room in the house!'

Amazon Customer Review

Best of Boys: Helping your Sons through the Teenage Years

Finally something specifically for the parents of teenage boys, this book is exactly what we've been looking for. We can easily relate to some of the families described in this book and I was able to realise certain mistakes in my own approach to my teenage son. I've had this book for over two years (my son is now 15) and on numerous occasions, I've been able to found extremely useful advice there. It certainly has helped me become more confident in my parenting, has helped me stay calm a lot more when it matters and it has also helped me really UNDERSTAND the thought and worries of my teenager much better. I would urgently recommend this wonderful book to all parents (especially mums) of teenage boys!

Gina Skinner, Amazon Customer Review

The Paras Ultimate Fitness

This book truly is the only book i have read that has delivered what the front and rear cover promises.A challenging and thoroughly rewarding exercise regimen.You will grow stronger,fitter and learn so much about how much your body and mind can take.For those wanting to join any army unit or just wanting a fitness program second to none,i must recommend you get this book.You will be glad you did!Complete the course,be proud and remember pain is merely weakness leaving the body!

Jason van der merwe, Amazon Customer Review

A Green Guide to Bringing Up Your Baby

This is a beautifully presented book which I first saw in a small gift shop at a price I could not afford. Amazon had it on sale at a price that was even cheaper than buying it from the printer directly. The book has chapters on everything to do with bringing up a baby in an ecological and healthy way with enough information not to overload a new Mum or anyone new to a green lifestyle. I would have liked a bit more depth but there are excellent contacts listed to support any reader wanting more information. A good buy and an excellent present for an expectant family.

Karin Green

Some Feedback from Mentoring/Critiquing clients

'Thank you so much for all your advice. It is so clear and helpful.'

Gillie Bolton

'Thank you for reading and commenting on the manuscript with so much care and attention. I must admit I have been very nervous about receiving your report, but having summoned the courage to read it, I am only relieved and inspired. Your comments come as though from a wiser part of myself - a self I could not access due to my lack of experience and my closeness to the story.'

Sumangali Morhall

'I have read your report and found it spot on. It is a lot to think on and I so appreciate your candor. I realize I am quite out of my comfort zone.'

Carolyn Snyder, USA

Digital Books

My books, Best of Boys and Revenge, are now available as digital books, on sale from Amazon




Review of Relaxation and Writing Course, Urbino, Italy

Extract from The Times

'The whole gentle pace of the week, the lack of distraction and the autumnal landscape created a splendid space both mentally and physically to buckle down to a creative writing project. We would chat about our work with each other and Gillman was always on hand for valuable one-to-one tuition.'

Nick Wyke, The Times, 8th Feb 2011

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